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Brighton Visitor – Brighton & Hove, Sussex, UK | November 23, 2019

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Brighton Visitor catch up with Carlo from Brighton Bike Tours

Brighton Visitor catch up with Carlo from Brighton Bike Tours
Brighton Visitor
  • On July 3, 2014

The first thing you notice when meeting Carlo, the owner of Brighton Bike Tours, is what a friendly and welcoming guy he is. You can instantly see why he has received such great reviews on Trip Advisor and why people have previously called him “a great ambassador for Brighton”.

We were lucky enough to grab a few moments with the enthusiastic cycler, and thought we’d take the opportunity to get to know more about the man behind one of the most enjoyable ways to see Brighton!

Hi Carlo, what made you start up Brighton Bike Tours?

“I decided to do everything that I enjoyed doing- History, the outdoors, meeting new people, and seeing the sights of Brighton. I’d also had experience as a bike tour guide before in London, along with being a horse drawn carriage driver around Hampton Court Palace. It just made sense to put all that experience and passion together. I absolutely love my job.”

What makes a bike tour different to other types of tours?

“All tours are good tours in one way or another but with cycling it’s extremely liberating, and you get to see and explore and discover more of the city.

On my tour we can go from the Marina to the West Pier, cycling through Brighton’s beautiful parks and even the beautiful meadows if you come in the right season! There’s also the cultural quarter, the bohemian quarter to investigate. When cycling you get to see it all, which could be quite tiring on a walking tour for instance”
What are the most secret attractions that your customers enjoy the most?

“I think the most surprising is Little St Peters Church, which a lot of local people don’t even know about. It’s in Preston Park and dates back to the 13th Century. Right next door there is the secret garden of Preston Manor which also doubles up as Sussex’ only pet cemetery- so that’s always a surprising one!”

Do your tours run all year round?

“Yes they do. Although it’s always best to book in advance”

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on a tour?

“All of my tours are fun, but the funniest thing was probably when we’d just completed a tea break at The Royal Pavillion Gardens, I was just walking the bike out of the garden (as you can’t cycle in that area) and I had a squirrel on the back of my bike, sitting on my bag! I didn’t even notice it was there for about 2 minutes- I would have cycled off with it if my customers hadn’t pointed it out!”

Do you have to be super fit to go on a bike tour?

“Not at all. I have carefully worked out a magnificent route, mainly on flat ground. We average about 4 miles per hour which is the speed most commuters walk at. We take the tour at whatever pace you are happy with.”

You can check out Brighton Bike Tours and book yourself a place by clicking here