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Brighton Visitor – Brighton & Hove, Sussex, UK | March 22, 2019

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Brighton Books

Brighton Visitor
  • On October 30, 2010

Our pick of the best guide books to Brighton & Hove

The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton

Many Brightonians will be delighted that The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton has finally arrived. This fully revised and updated edition by Rose Collins, from the original by Tim Carter, is a hefty tome indeed, as one might expect. This meticulously researched book packs in just about everything you might want to know about Brighton and its rich and varied history. All is covered with painstaking exactitude offering excellent contents pages, a detailed index plus an interesting and varied selection of photographs. £20

The Cheeky Guide to Brighton
Now in its fifth edition The Cheeky Guide to Brighton by David Bramwell and Tim Bick is just about as quintessentially Brighton as it gets. This is the definitive ‘must have’ guide to all that is weird and wonderful in our fair city. Alongside its quirkiness it also offers much well-researched, useful and honest information on restaurants, cafes, bars, music, entertainment, the gay scene… and much, much more. £9.95

Brighton: A Very Peculiar History
For those who can’t deal with the more heavyweight New Encyclopaedia of Brighton then this is the one for you. Brighton a Peculiar History by David Arscott is a pocket-sized potted history of the town. This little gem offers historically accurate information in a light-hearted and amusing style. Furthermore, it is wonderfully packaged with amusing illustrations by Carolyn Franklyn and makes the perfect gift for all one’s Brighton chums. £6.99. 

The Ghosts of Brighton’s Lanes
In the wake of his ever-popular Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Rob Marks has written an engrossing pocket-sized compendium that is as equally engaging as his street show. His tales from the page have the same sharp quality as his performance, but with added details surrounding the many ghostly goings on in Brighton’s most haunted quarter. Moreover, the stories are concise, well-focused and written in a way that is accessible to both adults and children alike. If you buy a copy first you will undoubtedly feel inspired to go on his ghost walk. Alternatively, if you go on Rob’s walk first you will know doubt want a souvenir signed copy to take away with you – particularly at just £3.99!